About Your Photographer

I first started in photography in middle school. I entered a photography competition, finding it a good idea to enter with a photo of a couple of my grandfather’s cows. I got second place. Although I don’t photograph cows anymore (and am so grateful for it), I still very much enjoy photography. Over the years, I learned to tell stories through the images I take. I strive to create images such that when you see them in am album, you see a progression of emotion and story, not simply a collection of pretty pictures. Want to learn more about what it’s like to work with Jessica Connel and Midsummer Night Media? Fill out my contact page and I’ll send you a newsletter with all of the juicy details.


  1. Angela Carter says:

    Hey – I am in your mgmt class. i would love updates on your business and your success… I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I hear in passing that is looking for a photography. The quality and shots I have seen so far seem promising. Keep up the good work and being an inspiration to those around you.

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