Midsummer Night Media Is No Longer Doing Photo Shoots

So, as you may have already figured out from the title, I am no longer doing photo shoots.

I actually received a full time job offer that I couldn’t refuse and relocated (back) to Los Angeles with the intention of continuing photography part time out here. However, due to work commitments I couldn’t make it work.

My passion for boudoir photography still remains, and I want to help women have the best boudoir shoots possible. I’m currently in the process of moving the information from this site to a new Midsummer Night Boudoir, which I’m hoping to develop into a resource for women looking to have boudoir photography done.

I’ve also created a private women-only Facebook group just for women interested in boudoir photography! It doesn’t matter if you’ve already had your boudoir shoot or are planning to have one in the future, this is a place to go where you can get opinions from other ladies on photographers, outfits, themes… and the best part is it’s completely private! What you post/like/comment on will NOT show up in your friend’s timelines, and no one can tell that you’re a member unless they are one too! It’s perfect for getting opinions, asking questions, and just gal chat!

Thank you all so much for your support, and I hope to get back behind the camera someday!

PS: Here’s a cute video I made. Hope you get a laugh out of it!

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