Cheap Boudoir Photography

Cheap Boudoir Photography

Let’s face it: photography is expensive and it isn’t for everyone. Especially boudoir photography. But just like cheap perfume and cheap men, cheap boudoir photography is not something you should ever want.

The biggest issue with going the cheap route with photography (especially boudoir) is the lack of professionalism involved. Which may not sound like a big deal, but it is. It presents a numerous amount of potential issues whenever you don’t go to a professional.

1. Lack of Sound Privacy Policies

This, obviously, is a big issue. Some of my clients have no issue with having their photos out there for future potential clients to see on my website and in my portfolio. But other clients of mine have family that would be uncomfortable with it, others would have professional issues with it (ie, they worked for the school district or for the government and would get fired), and others still just flat didn’t want their photos out there. And that’s absolutely ok. I have a sound privacy policy in place that no photos are shown to anyone, online or off, without a signed model release.

But if you decide to go with cheap boudoir photography, your photographer might not have these privacy policies in place. You might assume your photos are safe, but they may not be. The only time your photos should be used on websites, portfolios, or any other promotional materials is if a) you are comfortable with it and b) if you have signed a legal model release that was drafted by a lawyer – not just something the photographer typed up. 

2. Not a Legal Business

This is the difference between an amateur and a true professional. With a professional photographer comes a business license, insurance, thousands of dollars worth of equipment, contracts that have been drafted by a lawyer, countless hours of training and practice, taxes (so many taxes!) and so much more. With cheap boudoir photography, you can’t be sure of any of that.

3. Lack of Printers

Many people look for cheap boudoir photography simply because they want a disc of all the images on a CD with the intention of getting their own images printed. However, you can’t trust that these images will be printed to your satisfaction. Or worse, most of these consumer printers have it written in their terms of service that they can use your photos for anything, for any reason, anytime they want (Shutterfly included). Yikes. With professional photographers, your albums or prints will be printed on professional archival paper with archival ink through a professional print lab. Their computer monitors are calibrated to these print labs’ printers, so what you see is exactly what you’re getting.

Boudoir photography is something that is meant to be treasured for a lifetime. Right now it may just be a Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift, but it is something that you will want to look back on 50 years from now. Do you think that you’ll look back in 20 or 30 years and see that as money wasted or well spent?