Why I Don’t Shoot “Dudoir” – A Quick (and Lighthearted) Word

Ah, dudoir photography. I’ve gotten a few requests over the last couple of months about doing dudoir (boudoir featuring men instead of women) photos, and I just wanted to address this by saying a couple of things.

1. I Don’t Shoot Dudoir

That’s right. I do not shoot dudoir. I’m not interested in shooting dudoir.

2. I Do Not Have the Expertise to Shoot Dudoir

Nope. Dudoir and traditional boudoir don’t overlap as much as you would think it would. All of the posing, lighting, and camera angles that I’ve studied and implemented are specifically for highlighting the beauty of the female body, and that doesn’t translate well AT ALL to highlighting the beauty of the male body, so unless you’re interested in looking like George Costanza in “The Timeless Art of Seduction” (see:Seinfeld), I will probably end up not capturing what you’re looking for.

Dudoir Photography

Btw, you can actually purchase this photo as a poster for around $9. Just click on the photo and it will take you to where you can buy it on Amazon.

There is some beautiful dudoir photography out there, and if you’re interested in having those types of photos done, there are many photographers that you can choose from. But it’s just not something I am qualified to do.

Tell us what you think, ladies? Is “Dudoir” weird, or is it something you’d like your man to try? Let me know in the comments!